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古邨 〈金魚鉢に猫 〉Ohara Koson Tosa Japanese paper washi

古邨 〈金魚鉢に猫 〉Ohara Koson Tosa Japanese paper washi

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金魚鉢に猫 /Ohara Koson Tosa Japanese paper washi

made in Japan 

Size ;A4 (210 x 297mm) 8.3" x 11.7

● Tosa-Washi 土佐和紙

Tosa-Washi is a thin Japanese paper made from mulberry trees, the traditional raw material of washi. Mr. Takaoka's predecessor was the first to make a machine-made washi in Japan, inspired by Western paper machines. The machine, which is well past its prime, is still operated by skilled craftsmen. Even though it is a machine, the craftsmen put a lot of time and effort into each step of the process to produce a beautiful and delicate washi. This washi has an uneven surface due to its long and interwoven fibers. This causes pictures and photographs to be warm and soft.

●Artist; Koson Ohara(1877~1945)
Koson's work was a new Japanese painting that was put into practice in the genre of bird- and- flower prints,
which was dressed in Eastern and Western paintings.
From his depiction, you can feel his soft look, who loved the scenery around him.
Flowers and plants, naturally moving birds and small animals are drawn with seasonal backgrounds such as the moon,
rain and snow, clear sky and clear water, cold rain, tranquility of snowy days, all of them. It seems that the afterimage of the 100-year-old era when it was comfortable is transmitted.

Koson created more than 600 kinds of flower and bird prints and sold them overseas.

●Ink; High Quality, 10 Cartridge, Canon Lucia Pigment Inks, Chroma Optimizer, long-lasting, gallery-quality prints.

●Colors depicted on your screen may vary slightly from the actual print.

made in Japan

I use Japan Post and ship by registered mail.

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